May 2018: Gently laying down this blog :)

I don’t really blog here any more, not the least to dissuade the ex-boyfriend-turned-stalker who shows up to abuse me every time the blog feed is updated (but not so much when I update static pages, because static pages don’t affect any RSS feed), but also because who even reads blogs these days? My close friends are on my private social media, any news I have usually goes on Twitter and Facebook, and all of you have probably heard by now about the Hugo Award nomination for Luminescent Threads – which generated a surprising amount of attention and a number of formal-media coverages, mostly from India – but none of you heard it here first.

Any other long-form rambling, increasingly infrequent, I have started to put up on my Patreon. You don’t have to subscribe to my Patreon to be able to see each of those posts, though some of them are subscribers-only, and a subscription is obviously appreciated, if you feel so inclined.

The rest of this website will stay. It’s mostly static pages at this point – a general bio, photo and contact details for anyone who looks me up; a page to share links of my published works; a FAQ page for questions I keep getting asked over and over again (this is a new development, but it escalated really fast); and a public appearances page for documenting past and forthcoming events. (I used to never have forthcoming events till about a month ago, but now I seem to have a few.) I will update these pages as and when things happen, but if you subscribe to this blog you will possibly not receive notifications for them, because static pages don’t notify.

The old blog posts will stay too. I don’t know what else to do with them and don’t have any particular need to hide them away. The ones from nearly a decade ago are somewhat more personal in their tone, but *shrug* personal is not incriminating. I was a fairly boring young person. The Internet is vast and full of uninteresting things.

You’re possibly already in touch with me elsewhere. If you aren’t and want to be, some of those links up there will help. This is a gentle memorializing post for this blog. It has been with me for over a decade, longer than the static pages that I only started adding later, and blogging itself is a thing I’ve done for even longer than that. All the friends who used to blog with me in the mid-2000s have grown up and moved on. Some of them are doing very interesting, very accomplished academic and artistic things, some of them have fallen completely out of touch. None of them blogs any more. I guess it’s about time. :)


Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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