February 2018: New Writing and News!

One month in, 2018 has been great for writing news so far, which is not the same as great for writing, because the writing happens a long time before the news does. All the things I am receiving news for right now were written in 2017, even in 2016, but still, receiving news, acknowledgement and especially hearing back from readers is pretty sweet. Writing – like more or less everything else in life – is a game of delayed gratification. Some of us never receive it at all. One should be grateful for every little acknowledgement they receive, as I am.

To keep the proselytizing brief, here’s a list of the writing news I want to announce:

    • On January 1, I received in story acceptance from an anthology with Rebellion Publishing, UK. This is a shared-world story that was very much fun to write. It should be available sometime around August. My story takes place partly in Calcutta, and it let me sink deep in old Calcutta history as well as nostalgia for home.
    • Another story will be in another anthology this year, sometime around July. This is TBA.
    • This is not publication news, but in the second week of January I submitted my thesis and cleared up all paperwork for my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Rutgers University. So now I have completed three masters’ degrees – which is probably a bit excessive (and eccentric *sigh*) – but the MFA is also a terminal degree in the United States, so now I am eligible to teach at the university level. If any of you have an undergraduate creative writing class lying around, just saying.
    • I did a tiny story narration for PodCastle. It’s a fantastic story and should be out later this month, I think. This is also new to me. I never believed I was good at performance of any kind, and I’m not exactly good yet, but I’m surprised that I am even passable.
    • The first part of my short history of South Asian speculative fiction went up on Tor.com on January 30, my first publication on that site. The response to this article has been… overwhelming. I am still staring at the 1000+ share stats on social media.

      I am not entirely surprised, but also am. It took me an hour in November to draft that article (a few more to complete the final version), but that hour rides on the back of years of academic work and reading. All three of my masters’ degrees (in English, Publishing Studies and Creative Writing, each from a different continent) have prepared me to write these articles, as well as my time as a writer, fan and publishing professional. In every way, they’re the culmination of everything I’ve nerded out about all my life.

      But the response to the article is still overwhelming, because academic work – even more rigorous, longer work than mine – is not often read by a large number of people. This article turned out to be the most widely read of everything I’ve published so far. I assume that scale of perception expands once a writer has even a moderately successful book of fiction published, but I don’t yet, and I’m not accustomed to being read by such a large number of people I absolutely don’t know. I mean, *mumble* thank you! It’s been great. Overwhelming, but great. This is a subject I’m deeply passionate about. I’ve spent years of my life reading and talking to myself about it, and prodding busy people into half-reluctant conversations more times than I can count. It makes my heart soar to find so many people interested to read and want to talk about it now. This is the Revenge of the Nerd at its finest.

    • The ballot for the Locus Awards 2018 was announced on February 1, and Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler happens to be there in the Best Non-fiction category! This is… I don’t even know. Click that link and look at the other names on that ballot. The part of me that’s still the kid from Calcutta in the 1990s, who firmly did not belong to the same galaxy as the authors of the books that made her (because she was made entirely by books), fails to register any of this as real. I’m sure at some point I’d be required to wake up and get ready for school. I’m just carefully not rupturing this moment as long as I can, because school has never been that much fun for me, really.

      That said, the Locus Awards ballot is open to votes at that link until April 15, so you should definitely consider putting in a nod for your favourite works. Voting is open all over the world and doesn’t require any affiliation, which I hope will bring in a wide range of fans into the fold, something I believe the SFF landscape in the United States really needs.

    I suppose that’s all I have to say at the moment? I have a persistent cough and haven’t done as much actual writing so far this year as I expected, so I’m going to disappear now. Come say hello if you feel like – I’m happy to hear back about anything and things.

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