Mimi was a pleasure to work with. Her proofread was thorough and quick, and the author and I were both very happy with the details that she spotted. She definitely made it a better book, and I look forward to working with Mimi again!

—Christine Barcellona, Production Director, Serial Box

Mimi is an incredible editor who is adept at keeping a keen eye on the balance between marketability and the creative vision of the writer. Her suggestions for one of my stories helped me to write not only it, but everything since, with more precision toward what I wanted to accomplish, while simultaneously being aware of the realities of the audience I was trying to reach. She completely changed the way I think about the way I write, and taught me more than several books on the subject have. She does not shy from hard truths, nor does she allow the quality of the work, or the quality of her communication, to be compromised. She has been an invaluable help to my writing and I’m looking forward to working with her further in the future.

—GSV Steen Comer, SFF writer

Sensitivity Reading

Mimi provided thoughtful feedback that was incisive and incorporated the author’s intent and vision. Her clear, thorough notes prompted changes that wonderfully enriched the storytelling. I can’t recommend Mimi’s services enough!

—Tiffany Liao, Editor, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers

Mimi’s thoughtful, thorough feedback gave our editorial team deeper insight and inspired a revision that significantly improved the final book. We trust her to tell the truth frankly.

—Stacy Whitman, publisher, Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books

Mimi’s sensitivity reads take an in-depth look at your characters, story, and dialogue. She provides extremely helpful, detailed notes throughout the manuscript, pointing out areas where improvement is needed. I know my work was made better thanks to her crucial feedback and I’m sure anyone who works with Mimi will feel the same!

—Supriya Kelkar, author of Ahimsa (2017)