Five Limericks for Young Ladies (a.k.a. Unimportant Stuff)

This blog is not as frequently updated as it should be. However here is a set of five limericks I wrote for the Global Day of Rage (which was last Sunday, 15 December 2013) against the recriminalisation of homosexuality by the Supreme Court of India. The limericks are not entirely about the law (Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code), but then a law is not entirely about the words in a law book but about people and discrimination and prejudice, and the lives lived in their shadow. I hope they are a little about the lives lived in their shadow.

#Sec377 #nogoingback


There was a young lady called Son
Whose parents had but only one
Offspring – not male;
Unimportant detail;
They thought she was lesser to none.


There was a young lady called Dude
Whom boys at the school found so lewd
They ripped up her skirt,
Smashed her face in the dirt
And advised her not to be rude.


There was a young lady called Mister
Who might have been somebody’s sister,
Girlfriend or wife,
But she chose her own life,
So all of the people dismissed her.


“There was a young lady called Sir.
We heard from her angry neighbour
That she had been cravin’
Some three seventy-seven.
We closed in before she could stir…”


There is a young lady called Man
Who’ll hold out longer than your ban.
She has stared at the face
Of your curse and your grace –
You have done to her all that you can.

The limericks were picked off my Facebook note and put on their website by Hollaback Mumbai here, though please do not ask me why they think they are a ‘prose piece’. Apart from that it is a fine thing to happen, of course.

Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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