Book Week Scotland (25 November–1 December)

This week the Scottish Book Trust is celebrating Book Week Scotland with a mindblowing number of events (over four hundred their site says; I’m not going to count), not just in Edinburgh and Glasgow but all over the country. I’ve returned to Scotland only on Tuesday after a whirlwind book trip down south (detailed post on that soon!) and it just so happens to be the last week of class and assignment submission, so I’m missing out all the fun.

For those in my situation and those who aren’t even in Scotland, the Scottish Book Trust website has put up a couple of great fun things on their website. First, this Facebook game/app which answers Who in fiction are you? I had posted my own results on my Facebook page and it has caught on surprisingly well among my friends in India. The test has more answers than most other online tests and the takers seem to be overall quite happy with their results. (I turned out to be Charlie Bucket, if anyone’s interested.)

The other competition that I really like is called Pets Reading, for which one has to submit a photo of reading with their pets. Of course, all of us who own pets have a photo or two like that. This contest makes me miss my own cat back home in Calcutta, whom I haven’t lived with for about two years and who has probably ceased to be my cat in any sense of the term anyway.

Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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