Day 7: Most Underrated Book

I don’t know if it would be unwise of me to consider this book underrated based merely on the fact that I know only two other people who have read it. I’ve a suspicion that the arts community at my university is a bit of a Carter-not-reading pocket, just like it is a Pratchett-reading pocket, which makes me sad because Carter is one of the best female authors I have read. She’s perhaps the only female author I’m genuinely fond of, someone who can write chaos and humour and sadness at the same time.

Wise Children by Angela Carter
Wise Children by Angela Carter

Wise Children was the first Carter novel I read, a couple of years ago from a tattered BCL copy (which I nevertheless failed to locate at the next BCL Book Bazaar). It is written in the backdrop of burlesque and early Hollywood and a lot of old-world glamour and a lot of Shakespeare. There are a lot of excellent music references. Since no one has made a film out of the book yet, I collected all the music individually and compiled them into a fictitious album, which has been one of the most happy-making albums I’ve owned till date.

4 thoughts on “Day 7: Most Underrated Book”

    1. Bah, so I’m not the only one who doesn’t read half the books she brings home from BCL. :)

      But I guess that’s exactly it. Very few Indian readers seem to have a taste for Western-style carnivalesque. Usually someone who likes Salman Rushdie should be able to enjoy Carter’s writing, but how many people who’ve read Rushdie would have read her?

  1. I read this in 2008, found it in a room a friend was camping out in, it was a strange time and the book fit in. I’d forgotten that I’d read this book but this sentence stuck to me, “outside it is raining still with the dark pouring in through the window. i wonder why we go on living”.

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