Day 16: A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate

Trawling across Youtube in search of an appropriate song for this post, I discovered how many of the songs that I loved as a child/teenager are songs I do not hate, though I’m definitely less crazy about them. Songs I haven’t heard in years filled me with complete happiness. Even the Britney Spears songs I used to like still sound quite alright. (There are other songs by her that I furiously dislike, but then I had never liked them in the first place.) I’ve grown out of metal/goth/emo music completely as well, but I still stand by most of the songs that I really liked.
So this is a bit of a cheat.

I think it was S (yet another S, what to do?) in UG1 who ruined Linkin Park forever for me with his masturbation-and-impotence interpretations.  It had been a three-four years already since I had stopped plugging them 24/7, and it was undeniable that the constant whining had begun to get on my (ageing) nerves, but I have never listened to Linkin Park with a clean conscience again.

Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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