Day 14: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

I sometimes feel dismal about the Hindi songs I must put up for this challenge. There are songs I like more but cannot find a category in this list to fit into. I quite enjoy the song I’m going to post right now, even though it probably won’t feature among my top ten favourite songs from Bollywood. The point of this category is to post a song that no one would expect me to love, right?

So yeah, the main love song from a wholesome, family-watching-type Bollywood film is usually not my cup of tea. (The song that features in the first trailer, you know what I mean.) The Udit Narayan-Sonu Nigam (or alternately Alka Yagnik et al) school of melodious love-song voice leaves me out cold. I like the second or third song from the soundtrack of a regular Bollywood film, if at all. I like a well-written item number — all the good poetry and good singing these days can be found in item numbers. Unfortunately enough, I really like the main love song from this film that’s absolutely rubbish otherwise. Its words are stuck in my head. The singing (guess what? Udit Narayan!) and arrangement are unremarkable, but the faint touch of the transcendental in the lyrics absolutely does me in.

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