Day 4: Favourite Book Of Your Favourite Series

It is quite unfair to ask me to pick my favourite Discworld book. I’ve read them for too long and under too many moods, I’ve grown up with them and returned to certain books one or two years later to discover entirely different points of joy. The world of the series is too large and diverse. There are too many characters and too many trajectories, and I have my favourites among all of them. I don’t know how to choose one over the others, so I’ll make up this post with the two books that I’ve gone back most often to read. These would be:

Both are Ankh-Morpork books and by listing them I feel I’m doing injustice to the Ramtops witches, to Death, and even to Rincewind and the wizards of the Unseen University. Too many excellent characters and stories are being left out. If you haven’t read Discworld, this post and the last will do no justice to it at all.
On the other hand, if you have, let this be my opportunity to entreat you to wear lilac two days from now in honour of Truth, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love and (not to forget) A Hard-Boiled Egg.

6 thoughts on “Day 4: Favourite Book Of Your Favourite Series”

  1. I have no lilac. But I’ll be sure to stick a lilac post-it on my dress for the day :-)

  2. you know, i never got into pratchett much. but i have thud! and monstrous regiment from the discworld series and nation besides for potential summer reading. it’s random, but that’s how i get around to reading stuff.

    1. Of these three, honestly, only Thud! comes somewhat close to Discworld? excellence, although it’s a bit of a repetition of an earlier book called The Fifth Elephant. (But that you won’t be able to tell if you haven’t read The Fifth Elephant before. I read Thud! earlier also and liked it quite a bit.) Monstrous Regiment has a good premise but it turns repetitive on itself. And Nation I don’t think is a Discworld story at all. I started and didn’t finish it, so can’t really tell if it’s any good.

      But let me know what you think of Thud!?

  3. I came across this post a little too late to wear lilac, but I did (entirely by coincidence) celebrate the Glorious Revolution by having soft-boiled eggs with the yolk a little runny and my toast cut into soldiers, which, if I remember, is how Sam liked his eggs in the first place. I have always loved the fact that the hard-boiled egg was as much a quip as truth, freedom and justice. These two books and Thief of Time are the three books I would pick if I had to spend a decade on a desert island.

    1. Oh, yay! And what a coincidence! I’d have tagged you on Facebook but was under the impression that you didn’t come online much.

      Thief of Time is awesome too, yes; but isn’t it kinda detached from the rest of the environments in Discworld? I still can’t get my head around a Lu-Tze story. That man is too creepy and too mysterious. :P

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