Day 2: A Book You’ve Read More Than Three Times

When one is a literature student, three is a rather small number to make a book special. Even an entirely unappetizing book — once it turns up on the syllabus — has to be gone through in class, for an internal test and for the end-semester exams, and there goes three. So instead, here goes book that I feel like I have always read, even though the copy currently in my possession was a gift from the Cheshire Cat and the Cyber Monkey about two years ago.

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

That would be the edition, although I’ve been through the story and sub-stories at different places and over years, beginning from regular children’s illustrated books and Disney movie editions to the original play and the novels and about five or six films. I’ve written at least two term papers on it, and referred to it in several more. A favourite that will never grow old. :)

4 thoughts on “Day 2: A Book You’ve Read More Than Three Times”

  1. i can’t bear to get back to it. haven’t been able to since when i was about eighteen. fills me with unspeakable sadness every time i finish.

    1. I think I’ve read this more times since I was eighteen than I have ever before. Pitiful attempt to cling on, perhaps.

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