Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

I don’t know why this challenge asks for so many un-favourite songs, because Day 10 requires one to post A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep. There is a bit of ambiguity as far as what people have posted in answer to this (as I observed at the Facebook page of the challenge). Some people have interpreted it as the song they like falling asleep to, while others have listed the song they find most boring. As far as my knowledge of the language goes, the second usage would be correct. However, I don’t enjoy it one bit filling my blog up with songs I’d rather have nothing to do with. (Besides the tediousness of finding such songs. I’m rarely forced to listen to music I dislike, my zoning-out capacity is excellent, and if my sister didn’t remind me of the song I posted on Day 2, I could never have remembered that one either.)
On the other hand, I usually don’t sleep to music if I can help it, so it’s equally difficult to think of a song I like falling asleep to. So instead, here goes one of the few songs I have a history of singing incoherently just before I pass out.

An old favourite that sobriety doesn’t quite manage to spoil. Also a song that for some reason reminds me of high school (or more precisely, the time when I was enrolled at high school, since very little of it was spent at that actual institution). You’d rather not find out what the other songs in this list are, believe me.

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