Oh well, it’s a cosy winter afternoon, I’m showered and fed and wrapped in a humongous jacket and I think I’m a bit numb because I should be inexpressibly sad but I can’t feel it. This absolute calmness, maybe it’s the hour of the day, or maybe it’s the lull before a storm. Who knows, who could tell.

7 thoughts on “62”

  1. Moon landing maney jano to? ‘Backyard’ ta include kora unnecessary.

    (PS: As is the ‘humongous’ in the post =D)

    1. That is exactly why backyard is the point. (Quite lost, no doubt.) =)

      1. Tumi ki oshlil PJ ta catch korle na? :S Also, meet me kalke or I hunt you down.

    1. You gotta be kidding me! I’m having the worst winter since 2006-07. (Why else do you think would people write posts about particular not-so-bad days?)

  2. Worst winter? Why oh why? Come to gtalk and we shall make the sad old memories fly.

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