So a new decade! Eh? =]

I want to look up something I wrote in 2001 about how I hoped the last decade to be, just to be amused by how much it did not follow but I’ve destroyed most of my old writing and lost the rest so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing like that. I would like to relive 2001 in my head but I can’t remember how it felt in any detail at all… just very, very, unbelievably different. You never end up where you thought you would but life fills you up in ways you never imagine, and that’s just all right. So a year begun in secret hurt and secret joy, where does it take you? You wait, you wait and watch.

2 thoughts on “61”

  1. That’s the beauty of life, in a way. We never know where we are going. There are a few lines by Omar Khayyam that demonstrate this perfectly. “Into this world, and why not knowing / Like water, willy nilly flowing / And out of it, as wind along the waste / I know not wither, willy nilly flowing.” (I might have quoted wrong, please forgive me.)
    Wish you a wonderful 2011. Life may be unpredictable, but it’s beautiful and ugly and confusing and morbid and coincidental.

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