I drew. =)

Um, yeah, so it kinda sucks. =(

The girl is supposed to be me except that she is nothing like except the heart the heart the heart and the little demon wrapped around. (Which some call the inner self. Mistakenly, of course. There’s no such thing as an inner self: only delusions and inhibition. And cheap tricks like this.)

Larger version here.

13 thoughts on “I drew. =)”

    1. Tor (ebong onnanyoder) standard’e thaakar jonno, bhai. Even then I fall behind all the time. :D

    1. I <3 you too. I can't even write anything about you. You know, you know.

    1. Noooooooo. *sigh* Ki korbo. Hands are evil. They just never, never, never happen right.

    1. Haen haen, you toh shall laugh. This is why common people should limit interaction with geniuses. :P

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