Sundays are wrapped in a gentle glow of happiness, of waking up mid-morning perfectly rested and restored, turning over sloooowly in languid anticipation of a cup of steaming sweet tea, a pile of newspaper supplements and updates on Postsecret and a handful of webcomics, copious amounts of home-cooked food (a rarity on weekdays) and afterwards, a good book to see one through the rest of the day. I think I have finally begun to love the His Dark Materials trilogy. The first book I had found readable enough, but three chapters into The Subtle Knife (late last night) I was really drawn in and 150 pages into The Amber Spyglass it’s still going great. Next on my reading list may very well be the last two books of the Bartimaeus trilogy (I read the first one months ago and it seemed promising) and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which is a thick book; I liked it greatly when I started reading it but the timing had been unwise — being right before my sixth semester exams — and somehow I never managed to return.

Today I painted a clock. My mother isn’t too happy about this. Let’s wait and watch (haha!) if the clock still works.

Earlier this evening there was a grasshopper on my glass windowpane. It was long and a very cheerful shade of green, but I got frightened of it and shooed it away because I didn’t know what it was and whether it would bite. The other day (Thursday? Friday?) at university a wasp had taken a fancy to me and just wouldn’t stop trying to sting my face. It followed me round and round and round for about an hour. Wasps are also a very cheerful shade of yellow. I really like the stripes. But Ma tells me grasshoppers are quite harmless that way so maybe I could’ve let it stay. (I feel a little lousy about this right now.)

Yesterday (N and) I went to say hello to a pair of dogs. They were very nice dogs, overflowing with slobber and friendliness. I should upload photos but at the moment I am feeling too lazy. I think I’ll just go back to the book, then.

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