Hour of the Wolf tomorrow night! And other appearances later

So I have let the venerable Jim Freund of the SFF radio show Hour of the Wolf—99.5 WBAI FM if you’re in New York; Facebook Live from this group if you’re anywhere else—rope me in for yet another episode, and we go live tomorrow night from 1 am to 3 am EST. Calculate it in your local time zone and tune in on Facebook, if you want. Comments on the Facebook Live are often answered on the show, so do drop by to say hello!

I love Hour of the Wolf and had written about it last year, so it’s always fun to be back. It’s mostly a freeform chat, but this time I’ll try to talk about international SFF cultures, with a large focus on India (of course!) but also from my recent travel experiences in China, Germany and France, and upcoming in Amsterdam. Expect an announcement if you’re listening as well! :D

And now some other places you can find me in the next couple of months:

25 February to 23 June at the Center for Fiction, New York!

All That You Touch, which is a once-a-month Octavia E. Butler Reading Group at the Center for Fiction. There are still a few spots open, and we may do birthday cake for Octavia at the final session, because why not.

7 March at Columbia University, New York!

Rethinking Caste Intersectionality Conference, at which I will be part of a panel called New Dalit Writing. Fellow panelists and exact time TBA, but come for the entire conference, if you can.

18–20 March at The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, FL!
Friday 20 March, 2:30–4pm: Reading along with Joe Haldeman, Ann Leckie and Sam J. Miller, moderated by John Kessel.

10–12 April in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

Other Futures Festival, where I have a presentation on 11 April, exact time TBA. Come for the entire festival if you can, it’s free to attend and will feature a fun group of international futurists, artists and storytellers. I’ve never been to Amsterdam before, so travel tips are also welcome!