Mimi Mondal is a Hugo-  and Nebula Award-nominated author of science fiction and fantasy and a columnist writing about history, politics, technology and futures. Her novelette His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light was shortlisted for the Nebula Award in 2020. Her first book, Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E. Butler, co-edited with Alexandra Pierce, received the Locus Award in Non-fiction and was shortlisted for the Hugo Award in Best Related Work and the British Fantasy Award in Non-fiction, among others, in 2018. Mimi has also been the Poetry and Reprint Editor of Uncanny Magazine, a three-times-Hugo-Award-winning magazine of science fiction and fantasy, and an editor at Penguin Random House India. A full list of her recent publications can be found here.

Mimi is also a Founding/Board Member of Plurality University Network and a juror for the Crawford Award. She is the recipient of the Immigrant Artist Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 2017; the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship for the Clarion West Writing Workshop in 2015; a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship at University of Stirling in 2013; and the Poetry with Prakriti Prize in 2010. She currently lives in New York. She tweets from @Miminality, and responds to emails sent at mondalesque @ gmail.com.

Mimi has 10+ years of editorial experience in India, the UK and the US, and is currently open to freelance projects. If you are here for editorial services, please go to this link for details.

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  1. Hello Mimi
    I loved your story about trapeze artist Binu in His Footsteps, …
    Can’t wait to read more about these characters .
    Huge fan of your writing !

  2. Hello Mimi, I discovered your writing- fiction and non-fiction pieces only two days ago. I also watched one of your interviews yesterday on youtube. Firstly, I loved your language. You are a wonderful storyteller. It also provoked me and helped me to think about politics and problems of character and world building in our society. As an savarna filmmaker engaged in anti-caste issues over a decade this is extremely valuable to me and there are very few clear articulations, particularly by writers and none by fiction filmmakers. I have made documentaries and am not a successful filmmaker and have no fiction work yet to my credit ( I am 55 :) . But fiction or non-fiction- I find resonance in your writing. Thank you. Gouri Patwardhan

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