2014 was a long year in many ways, involving struggles with physical illness and depression, failing to study or work as much as I should, failing to talk or keep in touch with people, but also interspersed with stubborn faith and new love (which is now slightly old love, and has sent me a bouquet of roses nearly as tall as myself as a reminder).

It was perhaps fitting that I woke up with sudden, vehement fever on the morning of the 31st and couldn’t go out anywhere for the new year’s eve.

On the second day of 2015, by the time my fever- and social-seclusion-induced misery had pretty much hit rock bottom, however, I received an email from Podcastle informing me that a story I sent them has been selected for their ‘Artemis Rising’ event. The story will be recited, recorded and podcasted on their website sometime in February, I believe. This is going to be my favourite news of the year for quite a long time.

Podcastle was the first podcast the Corvus made me listen, while he was initiating me to the joys of listening to a story instead of reading it. I had tried listening to audiobooks (novels) before but hadn’t had much success. But, as someone famous (TBA) once remarked and I remember, short stories are probably the precise length of the stories that were once transmitted by telling. And I love Podcastle – love their selection, love their presentation, love the way the website looks and the font they use for their posts. It’s all so neat and beautiful. Of course, it’s a different, more vivid kind of joy to see yourself be published at a venue you enjoy that much. Also, there’s storytelling to happen, and none of my writing has been performed by other people before (oh well, a poem I wrote was excerpted and recited in a very bad play many years ago, but let’s try to never revisit that horror!)… so I’m twice as nervous and excited about that.

Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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