First look, happiness.

Death of a Widower by Monidipa Mondal

An Atlas of Love: The Rupa Romance Anthology came out earlier this year. It contains my short story ‘Death of a Widower’. Ridiculous how seeing one’s story on paper is still a different feeling from online publications, of which I am such a great fan.

The anthology was put together by Anuja Chauhan, one of the best romance authors in India at this time (and the only one I read). Unfortunately, the book was launched back when I was still in Stirling and I never got to meet her.

And now I have returned to comfortable old Calcutta, where few celebrities ever come but where it’s quiet and undisturbing, and there’s mum and home-cooked food and a room redolent with the fragrance of chhatim flowers.

1 thought on “First look, happiness.”

  1. Hi Monidipa, glad to have found your blog while randomly googling “An Atlas of Love”. I loved your story. It had a certain melodious quality to it.

    I am surprised you mentioned ‘launched’. As far as I remember, there was never any launch of the book. They just came out with it, shared a few FB posts and that was it. No publicity, nothing! I really hoped I would get to sit on the podium for a change but my bad luck :(

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