Book Lovers’ Drinking Game! (Drinking optional *sigh*)

My friend Tito today came up with a brilliant game! It’s simple and the results are usually riotous. This is how it works:

  • The first player provides the name of three authors. Any three random authors – the more random the better – though for the sake of everyone’s convenience it’s polite to use the English translations of book titles that aren’t in English. For example, someone in the live version of the game gave me a selection of Douglas Adams, Jean Paul Sartre and Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • The second player chooses the title of one book each by these authors, and links them into a sentence that makes sense (though wildly, wildly out of context). For the given set, I came up with this sentence: ‘Gone beyond good and evil, the Devil and the good Lord proceeded to have a hearty lunch at the restaurant at the end of the universe.’ See how that works?
  • For the sake of order and sanity (but not entirely necessarily), the second player now gets to provide a list of three authors, which the third player must carry on. And so on and so forth. If there is no third player, the turn goes back to the first player.
  • Drinking is optional, of course. In the online version of the game, you don’t even have to know the player who made the selection before you. You don’t need to know or have read the authors in the selection – Google up their works, activate your imagination and get going! The only rule is that you cannot shift around the words in the title of the book when you put it in your sentence. Otherwise the game becomes too easy.
  • Like a chain reaction, the game can go on for ever, or at least as long as everyone hasn’t been driven giddy and/or insane! :D

Now I will start off the game with a selection of three authors. Let me choose an easy set: William Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Neil Gaiman, yes? The first commenter can do a sentence with this and then make his/her own selection, which is to be taken up by the second commenter, and so on. Repeat participation is allowed, if the game makes you really happy.

Edit: The game is now under way, so please check the last comment on the post to see which selection is up next! The Gaiman-Marquez-Shakespeare selection has already been played.

14 thoughts on “Book Lovers’ Drinking Game! (Drinking optional *sigh*)”

    1. Hahaa yay! Now you provide three new authors for the next player yes?

    1. There are wildly erotic tales from Ferozshah Baag about the lady oracle who lived with her Sputnik sweetheart.

      1. Erm, also, Sputnik Sweetheart is a book by Haruki Murakami, who’s also Japanese, but not the same guy as Ishiguro.

      2. Ahahahaha did I just do that? I knew I was supposed to be thinking Ishiguro but somehow he transformed into Murakami in my head.
        There are wildly erotic tales from Ferozshah Baag about the lady oracle who constantly gathered up the remains of the day.

        I’m not drunk already, I promise >.>

        1. I liked the lady oracle who lived with her Sputnik sweetheart quite a bit! And at least someone’s taking the ‘drinking’ part of the game seriously. :D

  1. “as good as it gets for love in the time of cholera heading to neverwhere”
    that totally doesn’t make sense!
    my picks: sukumar ray, haruki murakami and hunter s thompson!

    1. This is a killer, you evil, evil person! The works of Sukumar Ray don’t even have uniform translated titles. I think I’m going to do this one myself:

      In that kingdom of fear, the loathsome secrets of a star-crossed child in the final days of the American century were aired across the hardboiled wonderland; and the end of the world came rolling in a wordygurdyboom!

      *collapses out of exhaustion*

      Okay, for whoever comes next, Laxmi’s selection is still open:

      Fyodor Dostoevsky
      Terry Pratchett
      Orhan Pamuk

  2. The Brothers Karamazov spoke often of the lords and ladies they had met in Istanbul.

    Judith Krantz
    Lawrence Durrell

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