This week, I’m reading Turbulence by Samit Basu and Vimana by Mainak Dhar.

Turbulence is two years old, but I remember having been so disappointed by Basu’s Unwaba Revelations—the final book of the Gameworld trilogy—that it had kept me away from Turbulence till now. But in this book Basu’s writing is much more mature and controlled (by which I mean less meandering and littered with fewer not-always-wisecracks) and, you see, it’s a superhero novel—that’s my favourite kind! (Oh, for the record, Terror on the Titanic was quite a delightful book too. I liked that even more than I’m liking Turbulence so far. Best thing Samit Basu’s written.) Rather reminiscent of X-Men (which it acknowledges) and Midnight’s Children (which it doesn’t), and, I’m guessing for the people-on-a-flight connection, of Rana Dasgupta’s rather neat first book Tokyo Cancelled.

Mainak Dhar I’m reading for the first time and he’s a greatly prolific author. I guess I need to at least finish the book I’m reading before I can begin to assess his writing. But one of the best things about Vimana is the book cover, which is gorgeous (and the work of a very talented colleague, says a little voice at the back and is quickly squashed). The idea behind Vimana is very exciting and Dhar’s writing is lucid, if not breathtaking in its beauty. Now to wait and see where he takes his plot.

Express. Engage. Etcetera.

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