Day 2: Your Least Favourite Song

It occurs to me that lists of least favourite songs never get populated unless one is made to endure a not-so-pleasant song against their wishes, probably for long stretches of time, probably over and over again. I’m sure I’ve heard worse songs than this but I do not remember them; I haven’t heard them long enough to despise them as long as I’ve had the faculty to change the station, channel, or walk out of the room. (Ridiculously bad songs, on the other hand, are a different league altogether — they’re cringeworthy, but everyone loves them. Tell me you don’t simply adore a hardcore Himesh masterpiece, really?!)

This song, however, had been played on loop at a Saraswati Puja pandal two houses from mine all evening and night the year the movie was released (I forget which). I don’t think my ears (and brain) ever had a more tortured time.

Not to mention that the song is equally painful visually, featuring two of the triad of Excruciatingly Bad-Looking Bollywood Heroes (the third being Govinda; I’m not going into the one-film-wonder type smalltimers) and Bipasha Basu in one of her ugliest phases. Anyway, this is one of those posts that I don’t want to expand to great lengths. Enjoy the song. :/

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Your Least Favourite Song”

    1. Tuni’r Maa would come under ridiculously bad. I have a perverse kind of love for such songs. :D

  1. i would strongly bring “signal, pyaar ka signal” up for competition.

    next to only anything with the ga-ga in it. that woman makes my tissues crawl.

    1. So I should feel grateful that I have no idea of what this song is, yes? :D

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