First tag on this blog.

Available: If one is asked elsewhere, in other ways and with adequate compensations. :D
Age: Twenty-three.
Annoyance: Many, many. The blogger in question is a judgemental bitch. You’re being judged as you read this. You don’t want to find out.

Beer: Mild, chilled and in favourable company.
Birthday/Birthplace: One or the other, right? Calcutta, then.
Best feeling in the world: Making up (with, to, but not for).
Best weather: Thundershowers, especially before sunset. Especially at JU.
Been on stage? Yes. No encore and many thanks.
Believe in life on other planets? Don’t you? Like, seriously?

Candy: is dandy.
Colour: Erm… white.
Chocolate/Vanilla: Together.
Country to visit:

Day or night: In fact, the only part of the day I do not like is the murderously hot summer noon. Every other part makes me happy. Summer evenings and winter afternoons are the happiest of all. And afternoon rain in any season.
Dance in the rain? ‘Dance’ is problematic. Walk in the rain (not run). Stop in the middle of the street and stare up stupidly at the rain. :)
Do the splits? Can, but won’t. Who needs flexibility? Aren’t we the intellectual types? :/

Eggs: should be added to the recipe of Milonda’s ‘egg chops’.
Everyone has: a justification. It’s almost amusing.

First crush: Aladdin / boy in my KG class.
First thoughts waking up: Huh? Why the f is this person calling me up at this ungodly hour? Can I hopefully ignore it? (I did not. Hmph. High time I stopped doing undeserved favours for stupid little lumps of people.)
Food: Mughlai, KFC, Subway, chaat, the occasional idli/dosa, the occasional pasta. All sorts of dessert!
Greatest Fear: I’m going to announce on a blog, right.
Giver or taker: Like to think of myself as the giver but others tend to think else. :|
Get along with your parents? One of. No, almost one-and-a-half of.

Hair Colour: Dust.
Height: Nearly five feet.
Happy: In unreasonable fits and bursts.
How do you want to die? If you’re intending to kill me, knowing this won’t really bail you out of hell. Move on.
Health freak? Hypochondriac.
Hate: Everyone. Not lying one bit.

Ice Cream: Usually vanilla with flavoured sauces.
Instrument: Laptop.

Jewellery: is forgotten and/or lost more often than it should.
Job: Not much, but perfect.

Kids: Pre-teen, non-obnoxious ones.
Kickboxing or karate:
Keep a journal? Yes.

Love: many things. Fewer people.
Laughed so hard you cried:
Love at first sight: Often, love at first reading. Or listening. Almost equally irrational (and bad for health).

Mooned anyone?
Marriage: will probably not happen.
Motion sickness? Very much.

Number of siblings: One.
Number of piercings: As of now, a pair.

One wish: Never one.

Place you’d like to live: By the sea.
Perfect pizza: With extra cheese and vegetables.
Pepsi/Coke: Thums Up.


Reason to cry: None right now.
Reality TV: is a scam. Except sports from time to time.
Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes.

Song: Today’s song was Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi. Till early evening, after which one has been made too content to remain wistfully sad that way. :)
Shoe size: Two.
Slept outside?
Seen a dead body?
Smoked? Haha.
Shower daily? Yes.
Sing well? Don’t sing out of tune.
In the shower? No.
Swear? Never aloud and only in fits of fury that go away the next second.
Stuffed animals? In the taxidermist sense?
Strawberries/Blueberries: Love strawberry flavouring, despise blueberry.
Scientists need to invent: vacuum cleaners for the mind, vacuum cleaners for the lungs.

Time for bed: When sleepy. When in pain.
Touch your tongue to your nose: Can’t.

Unpredictable: Very predictable.

Vegetable you hate: Brinjal (in curries) and ladies’ finger. Not too fond of kaanchkola either.
Vegetable you love: Potato, onion, peas, cauliflower, mushroom, capsicum, uchchhey, enchor, lettuce.
Vacation spot: So ill-travelled that I want to go everywhere.

When you grow up: you should have better occupation than wasting time filling up these lists, right? Right. *sigh*
Worst feeling:
Wanted to be a model?
Where do we go when we die? You’ll find out. :)
Worst weather: Humid. (Everyone from my city agrees to this.)

X-Rays: always remind me of a particular Tintin story.

Year it is now: 2011
Yellow: To accentuate.

Zoo animal:
Zodiac sign: Cancer.

In postscript, all five (okay, so not three, five) readers of this blog — should they be bored enough — are welcome to fill up this questionnaire. Have fun!

6 thoughts on “First tag on this blog.”

  1. I have always loved the way you write! :-) It was a pleasure reading thiis.

    1. It is true though. Muchly I have suffered those “egg chops”, and continue to. :D

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