There is this sparkling ball of crystal in my hands that catches the sun at unexpected angles and sends slivers of light into my eyes. I don’t know what to do with it but I’m trying not to drop it, because that will leave shards all over my floor that will sink into my feet and hurt and not sparkle. One day when I can bear to part with it I will give it away, so that it sparkles in another’s hands, because crystal balls are the worst when shattered, and then they are of no use to anyone, and that kinda thing is utter wastage of a harmless, sparkly crystal ball. (The temptation is great — who can hold a fragile, sparkly object in their hands for long enough and not feel the urge to smash it? — but one blow and you’ve had your fun and there are shards on your floor and an absolutely irrepairable crystal ball. This is the wastage. It isn’t worth it.)

This is an important life lesson and should be strictly remembered.