It is not the hour I should’ve been awake, having gone to bed nearly at 5, having only half-finished the book I was speed-reading through (being Thief of Time, with all the force of irony that can hit you at one go). Today is not the day I should’ve kept for going to the Bookfair, considering that my back aches, the insides of my eyes are a little woozy and I have no idea what to buy (this third being possibly a good thing). I have SMSes to reply from yesterday, which is a truly sad state of being. I don’t have a paper idea for the Students’ Seminar. I haven’t even began to visualise a website I should ideally finish designing by next week because all I can feel inside the cranial cavity is something that puts to mind half-boiled eggs. And I’ll go out in (less than) an hour and won’t be home before night. I hope at least the evening is fun.

But who’d say this forceful overwhelming is worse than not having anything to do!

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