So through the din and merriment and lightstrings of Durga Pujo, we studied and cribbed. On Diwali, we were writing paper. On Bhaiphonta, we were writing another paper. And come the evening of Eid… and guess what we are doing? :)

In between there was the whirlwind trip to the Capital, cameraless and wonderful and just as necessary. An image borrowed from other people’s cameras will not show our face. For example, this:

All that could be jinxed have been jinxed. The heart feels wonderfully light and clean in its rediscovered nudity. One must always move away (deviate?) from a given point, one must live out of a backpack and let all else peel off and away.

2 thoughts on “56”

  1. this feeling, umm, amar mone hochchhe jey it’s like “alo-e dhaka ondhokar / ghonta baaje gondhe taar”

    keep riding, pilgrim…. ei journey ta, it fulfills itself, ekhanei moja….

  2. Ah, academia. amra jerom lyadkhor public, completing any task or at least anything related to academic work gives a sense of lightness and accomplishment. :D

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