3 thoughts on “Juliet :D”

  1. I just read your poem-post :) I thought I’d comment here so you’d notice faster… it’s ohsoawesomelycool. I dids not know you wrote that kind of verse :) I was used to the lyrical.

    1. Haha! Ok? I always thought anyone could write like that if they wanted, with various degrees of proficiency of course (which is also to say that mine aren’t the best). But glad that you found them entertaining, nevertheless. Here’s one more:

      One fine day you may even wish to
      Unravel the mysteries of Mishtu:
      The garden of mazes
      Where perspective chases
      Strange logic, and some gibberish too.

      Liberties taken with the nickname beg to be excused, if you may. (If you mayn’t, tell me and I’ll remove the comment.)

    2. Oh also, comment anywhere the next time you do. This thing sends me email notifications. :)

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