A Song for September

Sit and watch, sit and watch
Till it comes for you: a tiny tune
With a tilted hat and sad moustache
And crimson heart hastily sewn
Upon the sleeve. Do receive
Its clumsy fingers in your own;
Lend it a small rhyme to weave
Dancing rain in autumn-blown
Branches, pavements, cloudy streets;
Rise and take it by the hand,
Twirl it round to the beat
And play it with a marching band.

Which is to say, I should be studying. I know, I know. =(

16 thoughts on “A Song for September”

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s because of the word “rain”. We are all culturally conditioned to respond to rain with melancholy. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

  1. Reminded me of the phrase ‘word-pictures’…I could visualize that ‘tiny tune’!Its weird but I feel like calling it a pretty poem too =D

  2. “…a tiny tune
    With a tilted hat and sad moustache”

    My favourite line. The poem is a lot of fun, mostly for its simplicity. I could almost feel the beats.

    1. Just because I suck at academics must you discourage entirely? :P

    1. You are a bringer of joy to the heart (that happens to be hastily sewn upon the sleeve), you know?

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