If Ashurbanipal is not a name creepy as hell, I don’t know what is. (And say hello to aimless Wikipedia travel, if you will. This is what we do in our free time. No wonder we’re always jobless.)

10 thoughts on “33”

  1. haha when i was reading gilgamesh for my first semester at JU, my mother told me she’d love to name a grandchild utnapishtim. =P

  2. It’s a cool name. What’s wrong with it?

    Also, I have started blogging again. :)

    1. Vut yoo sying! Ashurbanipal is frikking ancient and frikking ominous-sounding. In Sanskrit it could mean He Who Bears the Word of the Demon. Creepier than anything.

    2. Creepiest is putting up at Hashimara. Jodio rhino bottom view makes up for it. :)

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