Greenhouse Buddha

The only way to survive people (so many people, every year a new batch coming in and no one ever goes away, 450+ friends on Facebook, someone or the other with a birthday everyday, so many opinions, so many tastes, so many individualities, and the Piscean in your moon is interested in everyone everything everyone everything) is to believe that they don’t exist. Except the few that you really like, and the even fewer among them who like you back, take time out to ask you how you are, would like to hear and discuss your thoughts. The rest is all Maya. A huge glass screen between you and the world. What’s essential to watch is not only what you let out but what you let in, what’s essential is to double-check triple-check quadruple-check your wishes beliefs pricking private pains. What’s essential is to smile and let it all be.

And take yourself away.