My results came out on Saturday. This is not good. On Saturday morning I watched a film at a multiplex in a part of the city that once meant something to me (but doesn’t any more, and this is an irrelevant point), and then I walked, went to a library, went to a bookstore somewhere else, returned home, slept and did not know of the results having come out till late in the evening. Tomorrow being a holiday, I won’t come to know how I’ve done till Tuesday morning. Hmm. I seem to be less bothered by how (badly) I’ve done than the wait itself. I dislike the cramp on imaginative space imposed by periods of wait.

I think I will do a birthday wish list, though no one reads this blog yet.

14 thoughts on “3”

  1. Wish and ye shall have. They don’t call me ‘Anatar’ for nothing. :D

  2. Annatar is ‘giver of gifts’ in elvish Quenya language, a name by which Sauron was known among Noldorin elves in the 2nd Age of Middle Earth. :P

  3. Spiffing byapar. I’m not going to comment too frequently because it often amounts to psychological torture before subsequent posts (or is that just me?) But I love this ekhun obdhi.

  4. Good thing? Of course not. But the Noldor initially did profit greatly from Sauron’s skill and counsel. And profit you shall, for the Mormegil is generous even if not good. :D

  5. I’ll get you a gift from bilet and hug you in advance. Aar result niye chinta korte nei, result nijer thekei aashe- karmaphol ityadi.

    1. Let’s see, let’s see, but karmaphol is not a happy thought. I have not done good things. Aren’t things from Bilet excessively expensive?

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