Birthday Wist List

This post is a work in progress. I hoped to start writing a specific wish list – one from which someone reading this blog may want/afford to buy something – but this is not going beyond the second point. I’m amused at how many things I don’t want. I don’t want random books. I still want to read them, but the bookshelf overflow at home has made me reluctant to own anything more than what I cannot do without. I don’t want beautiful notebooks; much as I delight in them as commodities I can never find any use for them. All my impulsive notes or drawings are scribbled at the back of class notebooks, and these I purchase myself at the beginning of the semester, so they’re in place. I prefer my films and music burnt rather than bought, because then I can put the disc in a pouch and not waste space with the box. (These days I prefer them in a pen drive more than anything, being a cataloguing fiend, and accepting that not everyone can be bothered with spelling the file names correctly, capitalizing at the right places, filing by Musician – Year – Album – Name of Track and such other trivialities.) You cannot gift me clothes, shoes, wrist or ankle jewellery, because these will not fit.

Hm.┬áThe paragraph above is entirely different from what I intended to write, and as you’ll doubtlessly observe, not a list. I think I’ll come back in the evening and see if I can add anything else.